The cruel tricks of love...

Men are horny when they don't get sex, women when they do get sex

Men are horny on Monday, women on Tuesday through Sunday.

In the Koran (Qu'ran?) Mohamed says that Allah gave nine tenths of human sexuality to women and one tenth to men. This is why the Muslims make women cover themselves, to protect the men from the women's raging lusts!

Imagine... just for fun. A night club environment, a typical Friday night. We have fifty normal healthy women and fifty normal healthy men present. I would assert that, given the "right" flirtations, most of the men, let us say forty of them to be conservative, would like to have sex that night. If the women are healthy and not warped by the worlds teachings about sex being bad, it is probable that about fifteen of them would like too, also. This allows for the cyclical nature of women's hormones and also for the fact that some always want sex anyway. This ratio produces the "supply and demand" that makes it seem like men want more sex than women in our culture.

Now, just for fun again, let's say that all fifteen of those women manage to find fifteen partners out of the forty "available" men and indulge themselves in a night of pleasure, or at least some decent casual sex.

The following night - perhaps even the following weekend the statistics start to get weird. A new "batch" of women are available due to their hormonal cycle, plus the ones that are always ready - plus, most of the ones who had sex last week are now sexualised by having had some recently! The men, however, have also changed their complexion. Of the ones who had sex last week, most are still desirous of sex - but not with the same woman they were with last week! In other words, the one most likely to sleep with them, the one who shares a mutual attraction, one would think, and has a small history with them, is an unlikely candidate due to the men's emotional terror of potential intimacy - real or more likely, imagined.

If we continue this pattern for a while, the women, so long as they don't simply give up on this group of men as a lost cause (and who would blame them?) will be more and more sexualised, to the point where perhaps forty of them would like to have sex (under the "right" circumstances) on that weekend night. The men, however, have reduced their libidos through emotional and social "deprogramming," and the reality of actually getting sex, to the point where perhaps only twenty of them are really available now.

Remember, one of the assumptions that leads to this case is that all the possible sexual pairings are actually consummated, rather than the usual case in which most fail to come about. This is the amusing concept that led to this thought experiment - the idea of what would happen if men's seemingly enormous appetite for sex was met by women - what would the results be? I think the result would be the exposure of the myth that men want more sex than women.

I think this myth arises largely because we program women so heavily in two ways - one is to teach them that sex wrong, unpleasant, or dirty - the other is to teach them to use sex as a bargaining tool rather than a source of pleasure. By the time women have had enough experience to overcome these faulty teachings, their peer group among men has started losing their hormonal imperative to be sexually aggressive, and probably never learned the pleasures that sex can bring beyond the satisfaction of the "need" that arises due to their raging youthful hormones.

More to follow!


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printed 30 January 2023
© Huw Powell