Nothing to Heal
(A Waltz Macabre)

It's flensing, not cleansing
We'll cut to the bone
When we catch you, we'll slice you
And bring it on home

It's a fracture to the marrow
That bleeds til you're blue
And a haircut so deep
Broken teeth come to view

Your joints crack in straining
To resist twisted cords
Muscles torn screaming
Dried blood and there's more

With your breath tight
And your neck strained
To taste that
Last whisper

Think of nails and
Your eyelids while
You're waiting

With hope cracking like diamonds
Faith's rotten and stinking
The grinding of axes
Leaves precious time thinking

The clanking of dream chains
That hold you down still
The weight to remember
Tortures your will

The darkness is its own death
Much harder than feeling
And all these gothic dodges
They do nothing to heal it

Well all your old dodges do
Nothing to heal it


Demo - 2021 01 21

Obstructed View: 2021
a song about the end of the world
and some filler

© Huw Powell
printed 21 February 2024

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