Not Alone

      how I ache for the day
      when we will finally face the future together
      forces united
      and what forces!
      You, reunited with yourself
      and my spirit strong and patient
      Surely a team that can invent anything.

      how I ache for the day
      filled with presence, a present sentiment
      bodies united
      and what unity!
      You, glowing in yourself
      amidst my body strong and tender
      An intimacy that always improves on words.

      how I ache for you
      in the corners and the middle of my mind
      a dream: someday
      and what a day
      You being yourself
      and me, mediated and moderated
      A work of art, we two, if we so desire.

      1/19/03 - 2 AM

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printed 30 January 2023
© Huw Powell