The needs a human culture must meet are:
    • food and shelter, at a minimal level, for all
    • health maintenance for all within the cultures economic limits
    • educational opportunity for all - without grade or degree inflation
    • opportunity for spiritual experience and fulfillment

  • exposure to, participation in, and respect for music
  • exposure to, participation in, and respect for games

    • absolute freedom of thought
    • relative freedom of speech (no speech to physically endanger)
    • freedom of and access to the press
    • absolute freedom of mobility

  • group parenting and child care
  • respect and encouragement of differing habits and beliefs
  • either the right of all, or privilege of none, to own property
  • fair, respected, and minimal systems of rules and mediation of conflict
  • the opportunity to engage in private trade and professions
  • access to mind altering substances and information about their safe use

Any activity which reduces, eliminates, or violates any of these requirements is not acceptable.

Any material acquisitions, corporate activity, or personal gains beyond these basic levels when the basic levels have not been met for all are also not acceptable.

This is not a big deal! It only means, before you run ahead, reach back and pull.


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printed 30 January 2023
© Huw Powell