Aging youth parrots the consciousness of a bygone day
while wringing hands squeeze out police state solutions
children can still cry but know not what to do
about adults indoctrinated in a society closed to love

In a culture steeped in greed and want
to be called a value something must create wealth
what do we do for those who can see -
from outside, that the inner circle is hollow...

In a land where wealth is the only measure of success
and is even accompanied by undue fame
how do the richest of humane values stand a chance?

If you play music you have to mimic stars
if you paint you have to call yourself an artist
if your touch heals you must go to school for half your life
if you teach, babysitting and self esteem coddling are required
if you actually know your soul - then you must surely be a devil worshipper...

And to be calm and do no harm means dropping out altogether.

No matter what you do well that matters
You must sell something else to earn your bread
(discount the lucky few; for most this is their only choice)

So you think a walled estate will protect your children
but how can you protect them from your sterile faith?
Fancy schools and a good address may be what you always wanted
but your children cry out in this home devoid of life

Your churches are hollow, your rituals have no heart
your empty voices echo the one true faith
that winning a rigged race reflects your inner good
You've nothing to offer; and yet, you still ask "why?"


© Huw Powell
printed 14 July 2024

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