When we have to wait for our love to enjoy it, the trick is not to poison what we have but to cherish it. I think people have historically used love letters to hold their paramours dear across distance and time. Here are a few little things that can keep each other dear, without damage to your hearts...

quiet intimate dinners by oil lamp light, while the cat rolls around on her back trying to distract you from me

crazed unpredictable nights with strangers and friends, new places, music and dancing

projects of mysterious intent embarked upon as a team, using heavy tools and building supplies

rescue missions launched on a moments notice into the darkest jungles without questioning why or where

most beautiful poems recited quietly with reverence and awe

conversations about not much at all mumbled in half sleep through tangled hair

private aeries built in the most peculiar trees and on the most inaccessible mountaintops

so until we meet again, lovers, keep warm your memories in your heart...


printed 9 December 2023 - © Huw Powell
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