(You're Not Here) To Forgive

You pushed me around and you treated me bad
You took your time and then you left me sad
You took your smile and you hurt me bad

You dragged me down when I was feeling high
You made me feel like just another guy
Made me feel like just some random guy

But you're not here to forgive any more
You're not around to forgive any more
Life's gone from simple to just plain stupid
And you aren't here to forgive any more

You took all my things and you made 'em your own
You acted like I wasn't here when you got home
You were never here when I got home

You made plans and left me out of them
I never knew when I would see you again
But I always wanted to see you again

(repeat chorus)

I could take so much
When you kept me 'round
I could love your touch
When you came around
I could forget the pain
When you were around
But it made me insane
To have you around

(repeat chorus)

Told me I should heed your every single word
Then you said all my efforts weren't a bit of good
Told me all my loving didn't do no good

You turned up your nose at what I offered you
Said that you could get it from anyone you knew
That you could get your love from someone new

(repeat chorus X 2)

3/9/18 1:30 AM

© Huw Powell
printed 21 February 2024

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