organ donor

1. dismantle and distribute

2. preserve and dissect

3. burn and scatter

if I should die (and you find my body freshly - else skip to steps 2 and 3)


cut out my liver, my kidneys (and not to make a pie!)
slice out my corneas and extract my heart
(I suspect no one would want my lungs)
perhaps my thyroid or my pancreas might be of some use?
suck the marrow from my bones



there'll be enough left
for the merry pranksters
the ghastly ghouls-
would-be surgeons
to practice hefting their scalpels on my cold muscles


when "I" am indistinguishable from cat food
if it isn't legal to just plow me under
burn the leftovers clean and neat -
and toss the ashes beneath some twisted young white oak

deep in the wintry woods

1/20/04 - 2:40 AM

printed 9 December 2023 - © Huw Powell
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