We're All the Same: Different

I was just thinking how I tend to think that everyone works from a part of the place where they live, and only leaves home to get supplies or be around people. Even though I know it's not true.

And how I just assume that everyone else has a few microphones lying around, a computer or four, and a cat. Even though that is patently absurd.

I really do think this sort of thing, in a pre-intellectualized way. I just tend to think that everyone else lives, feels, and thinks like I do.

So it is no wonder at all that the mainer stream of people tend to forget to allow for so many fringes in life, so many differences - so much diversity. It is because their minds work the same way as mine (see what I did there?). They think that everyone else lives like they do - and unlike me, they get a lot of positive feedback on that, evidence that it is true. Because they are surrounded by people who *do* share a lot in common with them.

I assume everyone writes. I assume everyone designs and makes things. I assume that everyone else also has a continuous, non-stop internal multilogue going on that never, ever stops. I assume that everyone can just fix their broken stuff, or could if they had the tools. I assume everyone has tools. I assume that music makes *everyone* stop in their tracks, hypnotized for however long it takes.

And I have to check myself, because many of these things are rare, and even rarer in combination.

But I live in a world that was mostly banged into place by those who see themselves actually reflected in those around them. I won't say "built", and I certainly won't say "envisioned". No, they just plunked along and leaned this up against that and held things down with rocks. The builders and designers are rare, and can see outside themselves. There are a lot of "one size fits all" assumptions out there - a myriad tiny tyrannies of the many majorities. (Most of them don't really fit anyone.)

I have to remember that not everyone else is like me. Even if they forget that I am not like them.

Because that is another thing I assume about everyone else - that they know that other people are not like them. I think that, on this one at least, I am right. They just have trouble expressing it at times.

3/22/20 3 AM

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printed 30 January 2023
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