Random Thoughts


    Words are aching to come spilling out of my lips
    I long for the comforting embrace of the rhythms of speech
    if I cannot hold you by my side and feel your warmth
    I want at least the closest thing, to hear you breathe

    My mind echoes with your voice's light
    and I try valiantly to keep reality in sight
    It was hard - of course I thought of you all night...
    I hope you understand, I hope that it's alright

    He surely lies awake wondering where you have gone.
    Well? Have you found a place you're not alone?
    Your mind stretches and your dreams grow bold,
    but you cannot live, torn between two homes.

    No promises were made, so how could something break?
    Yet it gets harder still to understand the stakes:
    how deeply intertwined I find the thing we make;
    how split with guilt you feel when you awake.

    Love's cruelest pangs are felt the clearest,
    and lazy imaginations will invent unwritten futures.
    Hold! Stay fast, nurse for me an unworried heart!
    Or my lessons for myself might just go unheeded.

    5/23/01 - 6/18/01

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