Random Thoughts


She comes into your life
As if upon a breeze
You can't believe your luck
The poetry and ease

You're thinking that an angel
Has joined you in your path
A hundred bright tomorrows
Come shining in her laugh

Two people could not like each other
Any more than what we found
The words and times were there to see
Every time she came around

Be as tough as I pretend to be
And it will all somehow work out
We'll get through this and then
You'll see there isn't any doubt

But then one day she left me
Without even saying good-bye
Left me to figure out she was gone
While I was waiting, I don't know why

And all the things she said to me
Are ringing in my ears
I had no clue it would come to this
Faithlessness and fears

And were those lies she told me
With the candlelight so near
The times she said she loved me
That now seem so insincere?

4/19/00 8 PM

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© Huw Powell

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