Random Thoughts

Are You Ready?
      I need to know if you are ready -
      Ready for the pressing flesh?
      The pressure of your lips so soft,
      the flesh that quickens, your hips aloft

      Are you ready for the pounding dreams?
      Ready for your heart to race?
      The pace is slow, but the beat is fast
      Are you ready for a love that lasts?

      Your pulse is knocking on my door -
      beating hard to let me in -
      are we ready to surrender all
      a dizzy, tumbling, passion fall?

      Are you ready for my gentle entrance?
      The stage is soft, the curtains flowing...
      Are you ready to demand your fill?
      Abandon fear, not a drop will spill...

      Are you ready to take your aching toll -
      With your dying heart, your breast, your soul?
      The words are reaching through your skin
      Come here, relax, they will draw me in...

      I smell your strong and sweet perfume -
      But are you ready... to consume?


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