Magic Omelettes
(To counter the "Big Night" recipe, which is awful)
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3 eggs (preferably happy local dirt-scratchin' chicken eggs)
1 tbsp cream or whole milk
Butter for pan, approx 1/4 oz.
fresh ground pepper to taste

Optional - select appropriate combinations:
2 oz. grated cheese - best choices include cheddar (mild or sharp), provolone, monterey jack, swiss, etc. - flavorful cheeses that melt well.

2 oz. thin sliced ham, resliced into small strips
3 strips bacon, cooked separately first
2 oz. chopped pepperoni slices, cooked sausage, chopped cooked meatballs, etc.

2 oz. (1/4 medium) tomato, chopped
2 oz. (1/4 medium) onion, sauteed separately first
2 oz. (you get the idea) red bell pepper
2 oz. prepared salsa or chili

Prepare ingredients from the optional list, and set neatly aside.

Put a medium (non stick) pan on low heat. Break eggs into a nice mixing bowl, add cream or milk and pepper. Beat enthusiastically and thoroughly until the mix has 8 billion bubbles per cubic inch. Smear warmed pan with butter and pour in egg batter. Raise heat to medium low or so, experience will show you what gives the best results on your stove.

As egg mixture begins to cook on the bottom, add in this order, meat toppings, vegetable toppings, and finally cheeses.

Gently check edges of underside for browining with spatula, while observing "set" of eggs on top and melting of cheese. The magic point is when the bottom is just barely browning, the top of the egg is set (not runny any more) and the cheese has barely completely melted. Loosen from pan with spatula, and slide half onto a plate, flipping second half over first.

Serve with hot buttered toast, potato goodies, sides of fried pig meat, etc., per taste and requests, if for breakfast. Serve with whatever seems right (nachos, baked potato, etc.), if prepared for other mealtimes or strange people.

Recipe serves one, or two if not very hungry or using lots of toppings. A lighter meal can be made by using 2 eggs and less toppings.

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