These are few of My Favorite Things:

Color: Purpleandgreen
Feeling: Love
Thrill: Lust about to be requited
Food: Bread and cheese
Season: Spring (when is that, here in New England?)
Time of day: 3 AM
Place: Home
Metal: Wrought iron or tungsten
Tree: Willow
Wood: Oak
Floor covering: Oriental rugs
Constellation: Varies
Dream: Flying, sex (or both!)
Partners: Women (so far)
Fear: Dying alone and awake
Insect: Praying mantis
Pastime: Conversation, sex (both, preferably)
Stone: Marble (for all it's been through)
Gift for others: Earrings
Line of poetry: Do not go gentle into that good night
Vehicle: Ambulance, LEM
Fastener: Drywall screw (any length, they're all great!)
Pet: Dogs - so why do I have a cat?
Children: Other people's
Parents: Mine
Beverage: Coffee
Hope: That living can get better for humanity
Hobby: Building things
Passion: Ideas
Clothing: Black jeans and T-shirts, my tuxedo

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